Dependency error - break dependency and delete

Option to delete component?

  • Yes
  • No
    I have had the the following situation happen to me a few times:

After creating multiple components/containers that reference each other, I will go to delete one of the components that contains a bound-to attribute. I get an error that tells me I cannot delete the component while there are dependent components.

I like this box, it keeps me from doing anything too rash. However, there are only two ways I’ve ever responded to this message. Either I 1: rethink what I was doing and re-engineer a solution that includes the component. Or 2: Sigh, then close the message box, then for each dependent component: double click on the component, click on expression, click no binding, then click ok.

It may only save me 2 minutes per project, but it would be nice if the error message box would allow me the option to “break dependencies and delete component”.