Deploy Ignition Gateway with Ansible/Chef/Puppet/Powershell DSC or in Kubernetes

Hi Community,

I have been searching on github and on this forum and i cant find any reference how to deploy Ignition Gateway through configuration management software (Ansible/Puppet/Chef/Powershell DSC). Anyone already did it before?

In the other way, since Ignition is based on java, did anyone already tested running it in Kubernetes?

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Any feedback regarding this subject?

Deploying it in big scale doing by click click, is dangerous(human factor), a slow process and it is manual process that you automate and even implement CI/CD for it.

And with kubernetes i can scale up and down easily and upgrade gateway ignition without downtime (without restarting it).

You might find inspiration from the Vagrant scripts discussed here:

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Well, is about vagrant. But, let see what i can do from there.

Installing stuff through GUIs is time consuming and human-error-prone task. And its java app, it should run without problem in a docker image.