Deploying Master from Backup gwbk

The documentation is unclear - so I am asking here. Can I redeploy my master node from a gateway backup made from the Backup node? I am hoping the answer is yes. They should be identical gateways.

You can, but you’ll have to manually adjust the redundancy parameters to reset the node back to being a master after you do. The redundancy.xml file is unique to the master and backup (by definition) and is included in the gateway backup.

Is the only difference in the redundancy.xml between the master and backup the noderole tag? And a simple edit on that file once the gwbk is redeployed and then a restart should suffice?

Whether there are other changes in the file will depend on your environment, but, yes, noderole is the ‘essential’ property that determines, as the name implies, the role the node will have when it’s running.