Deploying projects similar to SDK module deployment

Just got off a call going over some of the new 7.4 features and was told by Colby that writing a module to allow projects to be deployed the way modules are (using the DeveloperModuleLoadingServlet) should be “simple”, so I’m hoping for some guidance…any pointers? :slight_smile:

Ha, yeah, it’s sometime hard to connect the dots between forum users and people on the phone or in real life. I didn’t realize that it was you, and that you guys are already so experienced (well, more than most!) with module dev.

So, I will have to look into this more to get you more details (because I haven’t personally tried to do some of these ideas), but basically I had this in mind:

  1. I know it’s possible to write a servlet and plug it in. This servlet could receive the template.
  2. Templates are stored as project resources. So, you would just need to grab the project resource, get its binary data, base64 encode it, and send it to the servlet on the other node.
  3. On the receiving side, create a new ProjectResource for the template (if it doesn’t exist), for each project that you want to include it in.

You would probably want to do the comm from the gateway, so the sending module would have a gateway hook, and then would probably also have a designer hook that added menu items, and used module RPC to initiate the transfer on the gateway.

Hope this gives you some things to look into (and hope some of my assumptions on the inner workings of templates are correct- I’ll have to confirm).


So this concept has come up again, but in reverse - can the ProjectManager be used to retrieve enough data to export a .proj file? We’re trying to find an elegant solution to do a headless backup of our modules and projects.