Deprecated Items

There should be a place in the User Manual with all Deprecated items listed. Script functions, properties, etc. If there is a replacement that should also be documented here.
This would be very helpful for integrators / programmers who do updates. Then they can more easily search for deprecated items being used in the project and change them to fix the project.
Organize the items by version that they were deprecated in and type of object.

If you agree, please vote for my feedback here:


I would, but I haven’t been able to log in to the ideas portal for ages. The SSO page appears to succeed, and redirects me to, but leaves me logged out. Further attempts immediately redirect back to, but still leave me logged out. Probably means IA is trying pass the auth status via a cookie instead of (properly) via a secure backend connection. I’m not enthusiastic about relaxing my cookie controls.

This sort of information is something we really want to, and plan on someday, providing, at least at the SDK level. In general, our SDK docs are in bad shape, and are definitely slated to be redone at some point. No timeline as of now, but we’re aware and do plan on improving it, probably via a ‘from scratch’ rewrite.

In the more general product documentation, that’s a good idea and something we could definitely look into doing moving forward. Would be a lot of work to try and go back through previous minor releases and do the same.

In any event, I am going to make sure the right eyes see this post and see what options we may have moving forward.

Appreciate the idea.

Also, @pturmel - I asked our web team to take a look at your post and determine if what you’re seeing makes sense, will follow up if I hear anything, or ask them to msg you directly with any questions about your environment.

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I think just listing each major release (7.9, 7.8, etc) would be helpful enough, or at least items deprecated in 8.0. Every minor release (7.9.10) would not be necessary in my opinion.

And as I haven’t yet tried my hand at making a module, I am mostly meaning the general product. Though I am sure people using the SDK would like to see it there too.

We actually started putting something like this together a while back, just so we didn’t lose the content:

Admittedly, the link to those pages is somewhat hidden (all the way at the bottom of the sidebar in the user manual, next to the links to other user manual versions). Also, there’s a lot of clean up that needs to happen for that section, such as listing when things were deprecated, and linking to the replacement features.


That’s helpful, Thanks.