Des. Security Tool has no vertical scroll bars

I’m using a authentication profile that tries Active Directory, then fails over to internal authentication if necessary. If I go to the Designtime Security Tool, it pulls in about 40 roles from AD (most of which aren’t relevant, but that’s expected). The list, however, is longer than will fit in the window, but there’s no scroll bar, making some of the roles unreachable. I can even use the keyboard to move the cursor down the list, off the visible area of the window.

Also in this tool, I can shuttle roles out of the Selected Roles section to the left, and they disappear from that pane, but they never appear in the Available Roles pane, which is always empty. That makes it a one-way trip, and there’s no way to get them back, other than logging in again.

Thanks for the error report, we’ll look into this.

Now, not that this is an excuse, but more of a heads up: the “Designtime security tool” is somewhat of a relic. Testing security code in the designer is problematic because of how the enabled property doesn’t work in a symmetric way. You should be testing security logic in the client. This feature is probably going to go away in the next major version.

What do you mean by “the enabled property doesn’t work in a symmetric way”?

(I’m not doing a lot of fancy security stuff, other than one button that’s made visible for a couple of privileged users, so whether it’s fixed or removed entirely is fine with me. I just thought you should know.)

When you disable a container, it disables all of its children (including child containers). When you enable a container, children are not enabled.

Some users have gotten into a bit of a pickle when testing security settings in the Designer and inadvertently saving their windows with everything disabled, because the components don’t become re-enabled like they expected.