Deserializing Data Error

Hey guys,

This error started spamming the console after the 7.6 beta 5 install, looks like it might have something to do with trying to store tag history? FYI.

Thanks for reporting this! I hate these types of problems. Basically, in this case, data was stored to the cache in 7.5, and 7.6 is trying to load it. We can fix it to not error out, but once we do that, the data stored by 7.6 beta 5 & earlier will result in the same error. So, in other words, make sure all your data gets to the db before upgrading.

To stop this error, disable the datacache, and rename the directory under “{install dir}/data/datacache/dbname”. Then you can reenable the datacache. After we fix this, you can do the reverse, and get the data into the db.