Design hub and spoke for Perspective

Apologies in advance for the wall of text, but
need some tips on building hub and spoke architecture for prospectivce. I have several spokes that will be connected to an Ignition project. Each spoke corresponds to a water treatment plant with approximately 5000 tags. My idea is that Operators should be able to connect to a central gatgeway where a project contains views and tags that cover all water treatment plants. The central gateway gets access to tags through the remote tag provider. PLCs only communicate with the “spokes” and forward the information via the gateway network. I think it is important to name tag providers correctly (not default) to be able to use views on several gateways. My idea is to do the following:
Gateway(Spoke) —> Name of tag provider —> “Wtp1”,
Gateway(Hub) -----> Name of remote tag provider ------> “Wtp1”.
By doing this, a central project can work on all gatways (I hope). If the communication between hub and spoke disappears, views on the local gateway still work.
Another way maybe is to only build views locally and then nest the project in the central gateway with
inline frame (Iframe)?
Anyway, it’s good if I do not have to design two different views for the same process (one that works on hub and another one that works on the spoke).

Then the question is how UDT should be handled. Should a tag provider be created centrally called “Template” and contain all UDTs which are then used as a template for copying to remote tag providers?

Am I on the right track??

Best Regards.