Designed screen disappeared, why?

I was doing a goto meeting with Travis today. The problem was that a table kept comming up as some sort of serializing issue with a certain line of code. Travis thought he almost had it and that the probem had to do with one of the columns not having a header and the fact that I had made so many changes at once to the way in which table was created, some of the things I done was change the font size, change from standard to bold, change the orientation of the data from AUTO to CENTERED. Then save it. However while he was making some changes and some notes and taking some data all of a sudden one of my screens just disappeared. He said he would check into it. So I am writing to see if anything has been accomplished and if there is some issue with making so many changes to a table at one time before saving.

thanks and have a great day.

It’s been entered as a bug report that should be fixed in the next release. I’d be surprised if anyone else has stumbled upon it. A null pointer exception (error) is created under a very specific set of circumstances - if you have a NULL value for a dataSet column header (which shouldn’t ever be the case as far as I know) on the data property of a table component, then change values in the customizer, then copy the object. Nice find.

Travis may be able to help you fix the table for copying, which should hold you over until the next release.

Why were there nulls in the dataset’s column names?

BTW - this is the exact same problem as this thread: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=3793

To be quite honest with you Carl before the upgrade there were names in the columns. Why did they disappear after the upgrade? I dont know. A more important question would be why were they there before but after the upgrade they disappeared. (of course maybe in the older version it did not matter I dont know)

Yes, I agree. We’re looking into this one, we’ll have it fixed for 3.3.1 when we figure out what is going on.