Designed with Ignition 8.1.6 and want to run on Ignition 8.1.9

Hello everyone,

I have a project designed on ignition 8.1.6 and I want to send the backup to the customer so that they can run the software on their local devices. However, I noticed that they have to install ignition 8.1.9 instead of 8.1.6. Would they be able to run the project on 8.1.9? Or do they have to install 8.1.6?
Thank you!

It will be fine to use 8.1.9 (or any other future version). It’s only going the other direction that can cause issues.

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I see. Thank you very much!
So I will make sure that I do not design on 8.1.9 and use it on 8.1.6 :wink:

or upgrade aswell ^^

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