Designer 3D

Hi All,

a simple question it is possible to use Java 3D on designer module in order to have some kind of 3D animation in the generated applet?


Java3D has its own canvas component that it wants you to use, so using it with existing swing components on a swing canvas is a bit tricky. I understand that you can do it, but you have to implement some work arounds (I’ve never done it myself).

If you’re looking at 3D in the designer / client, you might want to look at the libraries available. I wrote up a quick overview a little while ago.


So you think that JOGL and LWJGL would be a better solution to use in the Ignition designer?

If it’s between those two, I’d choose LOGL since it’s lighter (doesn’t include sound support and a few other things).

I’m currently working on trying my hand at putting a jMonkeyEngine component in Ignition. If the size of the engine isn’t an issue, this is probably the easiest one to code against.