Designer and Tag Provider out of sync

Using 8.0.10 and seeing a strange behavior.

After having the designer open for a while… like a day or so eventually the designer seems to loose the ability to get data from a tag provider.

What I mean is that the tags are showing accurate values in the Tag Browser, but object and properties in the designer aren’t showing that same value. It doesn’t matter if it is indirect tags, or direct tag references etc… they just don’t show up. Some times the quality is bad, other times the values just flat out don’t agree with each other (between the tag browser and say a text box).

Any ideas why this might be happening? Any places to start looking for the culprit?

Got a couple of screen shots:

This is showing the tag assigned to the multi-state indicator is at Error_Configuration, however in the Tab Browser the Quality is good.

On a designer re-start these issues resolve themselves until it starts to happen again.