Designer - Block Access to Database for Specific Role

I’ve made a user that will only have access to 1 project on our gateway. I need to make sure they cannot modify a database connection we currently have setup. Basically don’t want them to write/delete any tables we have.

Is it possible to allow a user to use the Designer but put security on a current Database connection so they can’t for example write a named query and delete data.

There’s no straightforward way to do it, for sure. (Hoping someone pops up with some great insight). If they need to work on contained portions of your project, you might try exporting the needed resources and then importing their finished work.

We add a lot of security to keep clients from doing bad things, but the Designer, by definition, has to have access to virtually everything. So we assume you only give Designer access to people you trust.

Thanks a lot Kathy! Good to know. I was thinking there probably wasn’t an easy way to do this but was hoping for an extra layer of security on a database just in case.