Designer: Bug switching from Window Editor to Script Editor

I apologize in advance if this has been submitted already but I wasn’t 100% sure what terms to search for.

I am using version 7.8.0 (b2015101414) and am constantly running into an issue in the designer where I am trying to switch from the Window editor to a Script editor by clicking a script in the Project tree. Usually the layout changes as soon as you click a script or window in the tree, but I’m finding that sometimes I cant open the script editor (clicking a script in the tree will select the script, but the Designer will remain in the window editor).

I don’t know if this type of navigation was done to make the designer more organized or something, but I will be honest and say I don’t like it. I wish I were able to more easily have the Window editor and Script Editor open at the same time.


I have encountered the same issue in 7.8. Most of the time I can only fix it by re-opening the designer.

I am not seeing an open ticket that matches your description. Have you found a way to repeat the behavior?

This is something we’d like to fix if it can be reproduced.

edit: In talking to Mitch here on our software team, I was reminded that you can edit the scripts in a floating frame by right clicking the tab of the script you are editing, and selecting ‘Float All’. That allows you to have both the window editor and script editor open at the same time.

I have not noticed any consistent way to get it to reproduce which is why I never brought it up. What is the best way to provide some debug info the next time it happens?

Thank you, the Float All feature is a good work around. I don’t know if it’s just me but "Un-float All’ doesn’t seem to do anything, and Unfloating an individual tab just moves it to the end of the list of tabs. I was going to Unfloat All to see if I could reproduce the error but it looks like I’ll have to keep everything floated for now. I wish I had more information for you guys.

Edit: Now I closed (X’d) the floating script editor window and now I can’t open it anymore.

I’ve been playing with both floated and unfloated script windows this morning and can’t seem to get stuck in the same way you guys are reporting. But if you are both seeing it on different systems, there is likely something going on, just can’t repeat it in 7.8.1 RC.

Same with the float/unfloat all. It works as expected for me – unfloating all sends the tabs back to the main designer workspace. The caveat here may be that I am on OSX, and we may (unlikely, be possible) be seeing OS dependent behavior. Will see if any of our Windows users can replicate.

A repeatable set of steps that demonstrate the problem is definitely the best way to help us figure out what is going on. If you happen to notice the freeze seems to happen after doing <Some Task(s)>, we’ll have a good shot at isolating what’s causing it.

I have been having this same problem in 7.9.0, I had to restart designer many times. I could not find the float all option. But I just updated to 7.9.2 and now I don’t have the issue.