Designer can't reach Docker gateway

Has anyone run into an issue where a local Ignition Designer cannot reach a Docker gateway?

Gateway is reachable at host:port via a browser, but is unreachable in the designer.

  • Designer is running on Win10 bare metal
  • Gateway is running on Docker Desktop, 8.1.25
  • localhost:8088, accessible via browser but not designer

Sounds familiar.... /:

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Never encountered this.
Did you try adding the gateway manually in the designer, or just with the auto-scan ?
Did you try with a different port ?

Anything special about this container? Is it just a single container deployed to the default Docker bridge network? Are you unable to add it to Designer Launcher, or are you getting errors later in the process? It might be helpful to inspect .ignition/clientlauncher-data/designerlauncher.log for clues.