Designer/client do not restart after a gateway update

When a module is updated on the gateway, both the designer and client are forcibly shutdown. They both claim to be “restarting”, but neither actually start up again.

Also, the designer asks if I want to export the project to a local file, but as soon as I reply to the question the shutdown initiates and the designer will disappear even if the export window is still open.

Observed on:
7.5.1 (b1122)
7.5.2 (b1146)
7.5.3 (b1163)

I was able to replicate the issue of not being to export a project, as the export file dialog box closed immediately after clicking “yes/no” in the modal window.

However, neither the client or designer are claiming to restart, did you see that in the console? Also, my client didn’t shut down at all, did yours close out immediately after updating the module?

To reproduce…

Bump the build number on a module and upload it to the gateway.

The designer will immediately popup with “This Designer needs to be restarted to receive software updates from the Gateway. Would you like to export this project to a local file?”. As soon as this question is answered, the designer disappears and does not return.

Likewise, the client immediately changes to a white screen saying “Client restart required… automatically restarting in…”. It counts down from 10 and then disappears and does not return.

I believe the client restarts when updating the vision module, is that what you were upgrading? Also, which version of the module were you using? My client was able to restart after a vision upgrade, but the designer behaved similarly to yours. A project export may be needed in this case to try and correlate the behavior with a cause.

I’m working with custom modules, most of which are tiny. As an aside, I believe the update will be triggered for a client even if the module does not declare any code in client scope (likewise for the designer).

All you need to do is bump the version number for any module to make the gateway think something has changed.

This behaviour has been seen with every project I have worked on, including newly created projects.

Aside from the bug where the designer closes before the user has chance to export, my suspicion is that this is a platform specific issue and the client/designer use the wrong path or working directory when trying to start up again.

We are using Ubuntu 11.04 and 12.04, with the same results on both.


Ahh, Ubuntu…there’s the ticket. I was able to reproduce both of the problems you’re seeing now. I’ll pass this along to the developers.

Yes. Sorry, somehow neglected to mention that before.