Designer Connection Lost repeatedly

I created a UDT and didn’t create any parameters or members… after about 10 minutes… The designer constantly says connection lost and connection restored.

On one of the errors, it says:
Session re-established, but the following resource locks could not be re-obtained: null (id=4) - module fpmi You will be unable to save changes to these resources until you update the project.

I deleted the UDT in case, but still get the repeated disconnect.

Seems coincident with my recent installation of KepServerEX on the same server… but doing a netstat doesn’t show any other process listening to 80 or 443.

Are you seeing high memory or CPU usage on the Gateway status screen or the Gateway becoming unresponsive at all? We have a couple of documented issues where this type of thing occurs (typically when deleting subscriptions to a device in the Designer with more than 5000 tags).

If your gateway is unresponsive, could you please check the wrapper.log (instructions on how to find it) for any errors and post them?

Yes, as a matter of fact, these are interesting indicators that I hope helps debug:

  • Designer on separate computer than Ignition gateway server, repeated disconnect/reconnect
  • Ignition gateway webpage on separate computer goes unresponsive
  • Ignition gateway webpage on server works like normal.
  • Ignition gateway status page shows no significant hit on server CPU (1%) or memory (360mb)
  • No warn/error in logs
  • Remote desktop into server from separate computer goes unresponsive
  • Access to some other webpages from Chrome on separate computer ALSO go unresponsive.
  • The moment I close the Designer, everything goes back to normal.

It seems this was caused by the server’s java keystore having a valid Self-Sign certificate, but did not have the root CA certificate in its trust store… so everything seemed fine from the client side (having the root CA cert) and thus trusting the Self-Sign cert, but the server did not trust it, thus an eventual conflict.

It seems this has resolved after importing the root CA certificate into the server’s java keystore next to the Self-Sign cert.

Maybe it would be good to provide some kind of log error for this scenario?

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