Designer connection to Ignition Redundant Backup Server

Hi, I currently working on the Ignition Redundant backup server.
When the Ignition Master server is down, the client successfully switches over to the Ignition Backup server.
But when the Ignition is running on the backup server, the designer unable to connect to the backup server. They do also not allow doing any modification for the ignition as well.
What do I miss?

Besides that, is there any tag for the status of both servers that can indicate on the vision?

A quick look in the docs shows that it is by design that you can’t edit the backup gateway.

As for the tags, there are System Tags in [System]Gateway/Redundancy/* available for the current status.

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Thanks, so wonder will Ignition change the design to allow to modification of the backup gateway in the future?
The case is when the master node is down for some serious reason and will not up in a short time, there is some modification is required at this prior. Is there anywhere that can be done to modify the project and later it will sync back to the master node when it is up?

For the System Tag /Gateway/Redundancy/* is the status of the current active server (master or backup). What I need is to display both servers’ status on the vision which the same as shown in the “Gateway/Status”.

I wouldn't expect that to ever happen.

If you must, change the role of the Backup to Master while the original Master is down, (swapping licenses, too, I think). When the original master can come back up, leave it disconnected from the network until you can change its role and license to Backup.

You’ll almost certainly need help from support to flip licenses around, if your original master is unable to deactivate. Schedule around support’s availability.