Designer CPU usage

Is there any reason for the designer to permanently use a full CPU core (25% in my case with 4 cores) even at the very beginning in the Open/Create Project form?

Sounds like a bug.

What version of Ignition?

I’m on 8.1.1

I’m seeing similar behavior where the designer will have very high CPU usage as well and runs really slow. I didn’t notice that on 8.1.1 but and seeing it on 8.1.2 and now 8.1.3. It gets to the point where its unusable and hard to even get it to shut down. It seems to get worse the longer I work in it but isn’t directly tied to how many views are currently open.

It may be worst after saving and applying changes to mulitple views at once. After doing that I’ve noticed designer basically lock up and become unusable for periods of time and the CPU usage is at least 50% all the way up to 100%