Designer Crash when try to import file

I have 20MB geojson file (simple text file) and I want to import or copy and paste it into a web dev file resource and then show it on map.
I try copy and paste and just import file but in both case my designer halt and crash.
My designer set to 4GB of RAM.
So I wander how much of the limitation of file that ignition can handle. In windows I can simply copy file and paste it into excel, note pad,… without any problem

Hi @pturmel
Any idea on this one?

I would create a file resource in WebDev and copy the file to there.
Then you can reference it in code instead of trying to import it using the designer.

Just played with similar. Locked up my designer, too. Slow changes in memory usage, so might finish someday. However, it would not have occurred to me to paste such a large file. Clipboards are not efficient.

Yes I did it at first time. Even paste file into web dev file resource may crash designer and if it successfully done the http bind to this resource return nothing and freeze perspective
So I just wonder how other applications show this kind of data.

More than likely pulling from a database.
If you are trying to actually load a full 20MB file in a browser I can see it locking up the GUI.

But how Arcgis JavaScript API application can load it but we can’t ?

I have not used Arcgis personally, but from just looking at the site they use backend servers to feed the data in layers and only present to the user what is required.

When you say you tried the File Resource in WebDev, did you copy the actual file to the location on the gateway or did you try and copy paste to it in Designer still?
I have multiple folders on my WebDev that are just pointers at folder locations on the gateway, I use remote desktop and load files to the folder.
Then I just reference the files from within WebDev.

A text resource lets you paste a file. Better not be too big.

@nader.chinichian : probably should just file the bug and move on. /:

I just point to local file on my hard drive.
In perspective when I bind it using http the result in … and designer freeze.