Designer crashing

I’m running 7.1.3 and have had several instances while performing edits that the designer just crashes, no messages, it just closes instantly. The gateway and configuration page continue running. Can go to the configuration page and relaunch, but of course any edits were lost.

Just discovered that it appears to be a Java problem as I have 2 err report files now on my desktop.

If you could attach those error logs or send them to support AT, we might be able to determine if it’s a problem in the software or with the java setup on your machine.


I’m not positive this is related to Transaction Groups, or just a coincidence. I began a new project to house only transaction groups (as recommended). Whenever I open that project it crashes the designer and gateway. I was not able to retrieve an error log. Is there something about transaction groups that, if configured incorrectly, would prevent the designer and/or gateway from running?

Definitely not… as far as we know. Hard crashes of the designer and gateway are very rare- I don’t know that we’ve seen a problem that would crash them both. Furthermore, we haven’t seen any crashes specifically tied to the SQL Bridge module.

Is there any sort of information about the crash in the wrapper.log file in the install directory? If this problem is consistent, it might be good if you called in so that we could check it out remotely- perhaps there’s a problem with your Java installation or something like that.


When you have hard crashes it is usually something wrong with Java and device-drivers or fonts on your machine. You should be able to isolate the issue to a single machine. Try upgrading Java, and look for the crash dump files on your machine, where #### are actually digits.

I am not sure still why it was crashing with the transaction groups, but what I did was upgraded Ignition to .5 and everythhing worked great. Thanks.