[Designer] Database Query Browser outside of Windows screens

Good morning,

I’m having a really dumb issue that I was hoping someone here could help me out with. I’m having trouble accessing my database query browser in Ignition Designer. I’m guessing this might be because at my office I have 3 monitors to work with, with the browser on the third monitor, but working remotely I have 2 monitors to work with.

Unfortunately in Windows 10, the Database Query Browser does not show up on the task bar as a separate program, so I can’t seem to move it from there. View->Reset Panels isn’t working either since it’s not a panel. I feel like there’s a quick fix for this issue but I’m stumped. Any help on how to reset the position of the database query browser would be most appreciated.


In your user profile directory, in the .ignition/ folder, there are a series of x.layout files - try deleting windows.layout, then re-launching the designer.

FYI I moved DB QB to a 2nd monitor, did reset view, then opened DB QB again and it opened in the centre of primary monitor.