Designer does not let me log in

So I located clientlauncher in /usr/local/bin/ignition/lib/core/launch/clientlauncher.tar.gz, extracted it to somewhere under /home, executed, and found the Gateway. But now I get a new problem, probably not related to the previous one (hence a new post)
The login, using the credentials that work for Gateway, do not work on Designer. I tried several times in both: I really do not think it is a typo.
I get an error report. If I try to report it, I get a second error.
Here is the login failure report:

Here is the eror when trying to report the first one:

I do have internet connectivity.
What can I do?

Are you sure the designer is using the authentication profile, or role, that you think it may be using? If you are able to log into the gateway web page, go to Configure>Configuration>Gateway Settings. Here you can see what the required role is for the designer. Make sure your username has the required role for the designer.

I use the installation defaults (except for a changed password), i.e. I log in both in Gateway and Designer as user admin, with the role Administrator, which is (as per installation default) required for Designer and for Configuration.
I can get into Gateway repeatedly, I get refused in Designer repeatedly.

How are you attempting to launch the designer? Are you launching it from the gateway web page and trying to log in, or, are you doing something else?

At first I tried from the Gateway.
At that time I could log in, and then the Create/Open dialog would freeze on me.
See mij first post.
The recommendation was to use the Clientlauncher (CL). Using CL, the problems of this post occured. At this moment this same problem occurs using the Gateway method and the CL method.

If possible, and you are eligible for support, I would suggest calling into technical support so this issue can be looked into further.