Designer does not open after the latest update Windows 10

Good afternoon.
Ignition Designer was opening perfectly until yesterday.
Today I have installed the latest Windows 10 updates and now Designer doesn't open.
The process runs, but the window does not appear.


I have reinstalled Designer and Java, but the problem continues.

Operating system information:

Edition: Windows 10 Business

Version: 21H2

OS Build: 19044.2130

Experience: Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4180.0

Best Regards.

try clearing the .ignition cache:

This has happened to some of my coworkers and clearing the cache was able to have them get back in.

You probably need to re-setup the designer launcher saved designers as I believe they're stored in that cache folder

Thanks, but I have cleared Client (.ignition) Cache and Java Cache and the problem continues.


Look in the designer launcher's log file, near the end, where it launches the final designer java command. Copy that command line and paste it in a terminal window. That will run the designer with its logging going to the teminal. Report the tail of that terminal log.

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Where is the log file? These are the files that I have in the Designer folder.


Look in your .ignition folder in your home folder.

I cleaned that folder because I thought it would be the solution, so now it's empty.

Try to open it again, and it should recreate it.

That's not the problem. The problem is that the designer does not open.

Run the launcher itself from a terminal. Increase the scrollback buffer on your terminal if needed.

You mean this?
Nothing happens.

Huh. Maybe that exe is corrupted. Can you reinstall that from your gateway?


Yes, I have reinstalled several times and it does not solve it.
It's very strange...
I'm out of options.

Have you called support yet?

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Good afternoon.

The problem is worse than I thought: I can't install Ignition either.
When I click on the installer (ignition-8.1.22-windows-64-installer.exe), nothing happens.
It only happens with Ignition.
I can install other software without problems.

You should contact support.

Have you investigated whether your IT department is blocking "unknown" executables? Or your anti-virus is configured too aggressively?