Designer doesn't load NoClassDefFoundError BytePackedRaster

Designer doesn’t load after Java Splash Screen.

Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate
Ignition Version 7.8.1 (b2016012216)
Java Version Oracle Corporation 1.8.0_74

When trying to open designer on windows 7 64 machine, the Java Splash screen appears and then closes. We never see the ignition loader with progress bar.

Ignition designer works well on other PCs.

We have added inbound and outbound rules allowing TCP over port 8088 and 8043.
We have added servername:8088 to the java trusted site list in the java config.

What can be stopping this from running?

Did your java web start certificate expire? Check out this article about that problem: … te-expired


It is a fresh install of ignition. Certs expire in 2026.

What version of Ignition, Ignition 7.8.0 or Ignition 7.8.1?

The latest release version downloaded yesterday.

Version 7.8.1 (b2016012216)
Java Version Oracle Corporation 1.8.0_74

Version 7.8.1 (b2016012216)
Java Version Oracle Corporation 1.8.0_74

We uninstalled java completely. We cleared the local profile records for ignition. We then installed the latest JRE from oracle site, jre-8u74-windows-x64. Now we get past the java splash screen and see the ignition files loading, but at the end we get error shown in the attached image.

Do I need to open this port on the client and server?


Ignition OPC-UA Client uri://10.x.x.x/Ignition%20OPC-UA%20Client

Not Before Mon Feb 15 14:34:01 PST 2016
Not After Thu Feb 12 14:34:01 PST 2026

JavaPath had links to old version. Removing the path allowed the new version of jre to run. This is fully functional now. Thanks.