Designer doesn't respect Default Component Layout

Using Ignition 7.5.4, changing the Project>Properties>Designer>Window Editing>Default Component Layout has no effect on components being added to a window. New components are always Releative, Maintain Aspect Ration, Center, Scale Font regardless of the Default Component Layout settings.

If you deselect the check box next to Constrain to Parent Container Bounds you will be able to change the Default Component Layout and the components will now work as expected.

Ok that works. But how is the constrain related to the component layout? Or is that just a bug?

It looks like a bug. I will add a ticket in our system.

It is a bug, I am putting a ticket in to have this fixed, thanks for letting us know.

Related issue - If you deselect the Constrain to Parent Container Bounds, any template that is dropped on the window defaults to a size of 0, 0.

Noted and making a ticket, thanks

Fixed in 7.5.6

Also, the problem with templates defaulting to a size of 0, 0 has been fixed for 7.5.7.