Designer fails to start with custom module

Using Ignition 7.7.0 - beta4 SDK. On attempting to start designer with custom module, get: undefined StackMapTable attribute (old archive format)

This happens for several custom modules. Java 8, eclipse Luna 4.4.
I suspect that the problem is an out-of-date ant Pack200Task.jar (just a guess). I get the same error just using the command-line unpack200 on my module.pack.gz file. I made sure that I was using the AntLib distributed with the current SDK version. If I remove packing from my ant scripts, all works well.

Found this post by Carl that pointed out that the last two lines of the file should be removed.

With these lines removed, the module loads and Designer starts OK. Note: I should point out that these lines are present in the file supplied with beta4.

Updating and testing the SDK for 7.7 is one of the things that’s in progress but obviously not completed. :slight_smile: My best guess is a fully updated and tested SDK will be in an early release candidate for 7.7.1.