Designer Find/Replace tool: "Error during search" when searching Templates


I’m getting this error and no results where some are expected when trying to search for text inside of Vision Templates. Is there any way to get more info? And what could this be caused by? (corrupted Template maybe?).
I don’t get an error when searching tags or Windows. Haven’t tried anything else. I’ve also tried closing the Designer and opening again.

Message: Error during search.
Time: Fri Apr 22 7:04:09PM
Severity: WARN
Logger: SearchReplace
Stack Trace: java.lang.NullPointerException: null&#13;<br>

Can you send your project in to support?

It doesn’t sound familiar, but we could probably capture more info if we can reproduce the problem in-house.

Hey Paul, a project backup should already be available from another unrelated ticket #40127, unless it’s better to create a purpose-ticket for this case?