Designer Focus in V7.2.4


I just had an issue where I deleted an entire folder of tags

How it happened:

I had some buttons selected in the designer, they show up as selected. I also had a folder selected that I had just minimised by pressing the - button on the left of it, this shows up as selected in the tag browser. I expanded another folder, this did not remove the focus from the original folder and then decided to delete the buttons in the designer (which still show as selected). I hit the delete button and after clicking yes, the entire folder disappeared.

I admit I should probably have read the dialog box but it appears whenever you delete a component so it becomes something you click through automatically.

Unfortunately pressing ctrl-z only undoes changes to the designer, not to tags so I was unable to recover the tags and had to rebuild them.

So my request is to make it so that selecting tags or tag folders removes the focus in the designer and vice versa. Just to prevent this from happening in the future (I admit I’ve learned my lesson). This is version 7.2.4 so not sure if its already been fixed.



Ouch, that hurts.

Can you explain this a bit more? I’m not quite getting it. What focus would be “removed”?

Also, Undo does work for deleting tags. Each separate section of the designer has separate undo stack. So, if your focus is is the tag browser, undo will work to undo deleting tags.

ok for example if I have the tag editor up and am editing the address of a tag directly, I make a mistake and press ctrl+z it undoes the last change I did in the vision editor.

Again, this is a focus issue. Open the tag editor, and then click in the window editing area, and then click in the tag browser area, and you’ll see the undo/redo actions change.

I agree that while the tag editor is focused, undo should be disabled.