Designer Freezes When Selecting a Vision View


Whenever I try to edit one of my vision views, my entire designer freezes and I am forced to force close the program. I think this initially happened because I tried to load a dataset into a power table with columns that didn't match.

The problem is I can't edit the view to fix the problem. Does anyone know of a workaround to fix this?

I don't seen any error in the gateway logs either.

Is it possible that the dataset you are attempting to load is a large dataset? This seems more likely to be the cause. You could try increasing the Max Heap in your designer launch configuration to see if the page will load. Is the Power table the only component you have on the screen?

Very unlikely.

By far the most common cause of this is a circular binding, either direct (PropA bound to something involving PropB, which is bound to something involving PropC, which looks to PropA), or indirectly (as above, but with async operations mixed in, like tag refs or query bindings or network-involved system calls)

Use shift-right-click on the closed window (or template) in the designer, then "Copy XML". Study that to excise the broken bits. Then shift-right-click to paste XML back in.

(Non-trivial. You might want support looking over your shoulder. Your use of "view" in a Vision question suggests you are new to Vision.)


Turns out it was bad code in the configureCell extension function. It was looking for a column that wasn't there and slowing my designer down to a crawl.