Designer gets 'stuck' in report designer

On occasion when editing a report, the designer gets “stuck” in the report builder. I can click on any item in the project tree but the designer stays in the report builder. If I double click on a window, it’s text will change to italics as if the window opens but it doesn’t appear to. The only solution I can find is to close the designer. This only occurs occasionally but is quite frustrating.

Ignition v7.8.1 with reporting module 7.8.2 beta
Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter
8 GB Memory

Designer PC:
Windows 8.1
16GB Memory
4 cores
Java v8 build 66 (64bit)

I thought this might go away in 7.8.1 but it apparently has not.

I am seeing the same behavior. The only way I can find to get around it is to kill the process using task manager. Using b2016012216

This is covered here: … 72&t=14942

And the solution fixed my issue. (More memory available to the designer)