Designer hangs

I have a problem. Certain project that has multiple page contains one page that gives me a problem. When that page is opened (in designer or through browser) program hangs totally. Page is relatively simple, just few tags showing information and that’s it (no custom properties or anything).

And this problem occurs only when OPC-UA server is started. If tags are not connected then page can be opened and modified etc. Also maybe 10% of times page opens without problems and can be used, until project / designer is shut down.

The problem is that ignition console log is not showing anything and java logging hangs also. There comes NO error messages or information to any logs that I have checked out so far. It seems that problem is with java…? Have any ideas or anything where to start solving this problem?

Java7, ignition version 7.5.6

If you need more information please let me know

Any chance you can post the window that is in question so we can look at it? If not, we can open up a ticket so you can upload the window to our support team.

Sorry I have no possibility to send the page, how ever I have done some work and now it is working. Problem seems to be with linear scale component. I had it getting max, min and value from tags. After I changed Max and Min with constant values it started working (No longer from the PLC tags). So it seems that somehow there came some oddities when all those where driven by tags…?

I need to do some more testing to be 100% sure but for now I am 99% sure that the problem is solved.

That seems odd. You should be able to bind the linear scale to different tags. How did you setup the component? Did you use the cell update binding? Try putting back the tag references instead of constant values to see if the problem comes back. I tried using the component with 4 tag references and it worked ok for me.

I will try to test this problem more in the future but for now I have to leave it since it is working (as usual, list of tasks waiting on the desk…). If I find anything new I will let you know.

Page contains basically about 15 multi state indicator that are connected to int4 tags. About 5 multi-state indicators that are connected to boolean tags, two linear scale components (now with constant values, before max and min where connected to tags) and two progress bars, connected to float -tags.

All tags are OPC-UA tags, coming from PLC. All binding are direct bindings (clicking and selecting tag from the Select binding, tag).

Total number of tags is about 2500. Scanning freq is 20ms.

Let us know if the problem comes back. You can always make a backup of your window and send it to us. That way we can mock it up here with your exact configuration.