Designer is laggy

It looks like the designer that comes with 8.0.0 stable release is very laggy especially when I am working on Perspective views. Any thoughts?

I have found that adding elements to large arrays in the designer is very laggy. I use an online json editor if I’m doing that sort of thing.

For example, I had someone ask me to make a chart with over 100 pens on it (over 20k lines of json). Around 30 or so pens it would take about half a minute to add a pen to the “series” array. I simply copy/pasted the series array into a json editor and added the elements I needed from there. Then I copy/pasted the json from the json editor to the series property on my XY Chart and all was well.

That chart is a little slow at runtime but not particularly slow considering it has over 100 pens and 12 scales.

This is the editor I used

I have another tip if you are trying to add a bunch of pens and control their visibility dynamically at runtime. Don’t use the pen’s visibility property to do this. Use an expression on the pen’s scale instead. Set the scale to “” to hide the pen and set it to the correct scale to show it.

This can also be done by controlling the tags sent into the chart on the data side of things.

First thing I would do would be to check your memory settings on the designer launcher. If you are working in perspective, you may need more than the default.

Beyond that, can you give an example of what you are doing and how it feels laggy? (a short video would be best if you can provide it)

@Steve_Laubach I am assuming this is in regards to the Perspective XY Chart? I am currently working on a bug that may be related. Could you toggle the enableTransitions attribute to true and see if your issue goes away?

Yes, the XY Chart. Specifically adding to “Series” and adding to “yAxes” when you have a large number of elements in the array.

I toggled enableTransitions to true. Maybe I should have hit save first before trying to add element. I hit add element and it’s totally locked up. I have 103 series on my XYChart. Also, if you’re saying you want toggle enableTransitions under the 8.1 daily; I am having trouble getting that to apply.

RE: @PerryAJ
It’s locked up and doing its thing (probably). Memory is at 293/1024mb. I might be able to make a video and upload it somewhere. All I’m doing is clicking “Add Array Element” at the end of my series array and it freezes up for a long time. In the past I have clicked around a bunch while waiting for it (not realizing it was locked up) and that can cause bad things to happen so I go totally hands off if I’m experiencing this issue. I expect it will eventually create the array element. It just takes a really long time.

I am doing this test on a system running 8.0 RC.

Yeah this sounds like a bug I am currently working on. When you say you are having trouble getting the enableTransitions property on the XY Chart to apply, is that due to the unusable state? Are you able to toggle the checkbox next to the prop and save at all?

I was saying that I toggled enableTransitions before I clicked “Add Array Element” and it occurred to me while I was waiting for it to respond that maybe I should have hit save first. I’m not certain that property is applying to the Add Array Element until I hit save. I suspect it is but I am not certain.

I’m just trying to make sure I tell you exactly what I did because that makes it easier to reproduce.

Ok, Could you shoot me a JSON of the View that is having issues? if you hold SHIFT and right click on the view in the project browser you can grab a copy of the JSON. Paste it into Notepad and Direct Message me the file?

Jonathan C