Designer issue

On the property panel, if the value is too big, the icons (dataset,db,binding,etc) gets pushed off the right edge and there is no scroll bar to bring it back. You have to stretch the panel out until the icon reappears.

Yes, duly noted.

Having spent a week on site with a small screen (read laptop) this was painfully obvious. any word on when a horizontal slider will appear for this column?

My testing shows that this is only a problem for dataset properties - is that your experience as well?

Sounds about right. properties that have two icons on the right are what I remember.
You can click on the dataset viewer but can’t get at the bind icon.

Ok, this has been fixed.

Border property on a container also does this. I will hunt for more.
7.1.4 installed


Found more :smiley:
any border property
any rotation property
Margin property

also the font property uses a different down icon from every other property that has a down icon

Thanks for the roundup, got these fixed too.