Designer Laggy after upgrading Java


I’ve just upgraded my gateway server and Ignition development VM to Java 1.8.0_171 (Ignition version 7.9.7). However ever since the upgrade the Designer on my VM has been noticeably laggy with clicks and key presses taking a second longer now. It’s hindering my ability to develop in a timely manner. The VM OS is Windows 10 Enterprise. Prior to the upgrade the Designer was working fine. The designer is allowed a max of 2 GB memory from the gateway but it never exceeds 500 MB.

Has anyone else experienced this? Should I downgrade Java to an older version to remedy this?

Thanks for reading.

I would delete the local cache first before downgrading.
Delete everything under that folder and try again.

Thanks for the response. Is there a specific version of Java 8 I should downgrade to? I searched through the Inductive Automation website however the only piece of information I found was the following knowledgebase article that doesn’t specify a revision of Java 8.

It’s very unlikely that a Java upgrade is the actual source of the problem. I would get in contact with support to do more thorough troubleshooting.

@MMaynard was meaning to try deleting the local cache, then run the designer to see if it helps.

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Sorry forgot to mention I had already tried clearing the cache. Cleared it again just now and the lag is still there. I’ll contact support and see if they have any ideas. Thanks.

For what it’s worth, I’m running Java 1.8.0_171 and Ignition 7.9.7 on both Linux and Windows with no noticeable performance changes from previous Java versions. Would definitely try @PGriffith’s suggestion.

To provide some closure to this topic, Inductive tech support figured since my edit count was over 4000 that exporting/importing the project to reset the edit count would help. I definitely noticed better responsiveness after that.

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Thanks for sharing! I’ve got a project very close to 4k edits…