Designer Launch Problem

Have tried two systems at a customers site and am unable to launch the designer from the main Ignition screen. We can enter the configuration screens and can also run the app in realtime as well.
When you click the designer, the java window opens for a period of time, closes and nothing happens. Also tried copying the designer.jnlp from my development system to one of the machines and got the same results. Any suggestions?

What version of Ignition?

What version of Java?

What OS?

I had an issue once where the designer wouldn’t launch, similar symptoms. I would suggest you stop the ignition gateway, reboot the server, and restart the gateway.

Running Ignition 7.8.2
Java 8 update 73, other machine is update 91. Developement machine is 73 as well. Upgraded to 75 several months ago, but had the same issue on it and went back to 73.
Windows 7 OS

Can’t restart gateway at the is time, too many other apps depend on it at this time.

Have tried to launch the designer on 2 computers, a MAC which accessed it OK and another windows 7 box that could not. Still looking for suggestions…

Have you tried the native client launchers? They were created specifically for this kind of problem with webstart.

Just tried that, client launcher started, entered gateway, gateway was found, selected designer and continued. App closed and created shortcut. Clicked on shortcut, Ignition window opened very briefly and closed again with no results.

You may be having a problem with your java security limits. Try using the java control panel applet to reset your security so certificate questions are asked again.

We had no luck with that either.

Hmm. Consider setting up another server with a trial of v7.8.3 – it has a new native client launcher with a log option to troubleshoot client startup issues. There have been a variety of java security changes in recent updates, so I still suspect that. The new client launcher may be able to help (and should also be able to launch from your current server).
After that, I’d open a ticket with IA support.

We have had similar problems with some combinations of Java between the Ignition gateway and the client computer.

Our best luck fixing the problem has been making sure to have a recent 64-bit Java on the client.

The reason you are having this problem is because the designer is configured to use 2GB, or more, of memory. A 32 bit JRE can only utilize 1.5GB of memory, max. So if you have a 32 bit JRE installed and try to launch a designer, or client, configured to use 2GB of memory or more, you will get the Java splash screen to show momentarily and then it will go away.

Plant computers that we wanted to give access to development did have 32 bit Java. Loaded 64 bit and the development did start.
Thanks for the help!