Designer launcher do not recognited define function

Hi everyone, I have a problem about Scripting in Designer Launch tool. I have a Class with some define function. Sometime, when I write a new function, Compiler Ignition or anything do not recognited this. I think Scripting in Designer Launch have some problem. This problem disappear when I restart gateway several time. Can I compile source code in Scripting?

The scripts are where? Please show your script.


This is Project Library. Thanks!

Please show your script. Also, look for red marks in the right margin of the script when open–that indicates a syntax error.

With your experience Phil, don’t you know where the issue is without seeing the code? :thinking:

Of course. I’m holding back as a learning exercise. :crazy_face:


Script in Project Library

Script Timer in Gateway Events

In Timer, I call 2 function having the same task. But just one done. And Logger show this. My script in Project Library haven’t any errors.

Error case
Firstly ManualCalculation is a function with command code. The Compiler Ignition or any things do not recognite this although I had modified this.

True case
I start write ManualCalculation as new function. And Compiler Ignition recognited this.

Since some work, I’m going to guess that you’ve managed to put something other than a Site instance in one of the dictionary entries. Consider not using Site.Site.Site as a class. A different name at each level of nesting may help you troubleshoot this.

Thank you so much! I try to fix them.