Designer launcher doesn't open


Designer launcher doesn’t open , it keeps doing that

firstly - can you ping the server you trying to connect with?
secondly - is the 8088 port on the server open to allow communication?


After I removed the cache this window shows up but nothing happens after itimage

Share logs

I’m a new user, i can not upload attachments.

You don’t need to share all
Try to re-launch and share the final lines of the log file based on timestamp. Copy and paste here

ProjectRunner 01Nov2021 10:11:09 Setting SQL Bridge project enabled state to ‘ENABLED’
LicenseManager 01Nov2021 10:11:09 Trial time reset. Time remaining = 7200.
InternalDatabase 01Nov2021 10:06:35 Created auto-backup of internal database config.idb in 1 seconds
InternalDatabase 01Nov2021 10:06:33 Creating auto-backup of internal database config.idb…
OpcUaSubscriptionModel 01Nov2021 10:05:06 ResendData for subscriptionId=2 succeeded.
OpcUaConnection 01Nov2021 10:05:04 Subscription transfer failed, id=1, status=StatusCode{name=Bad_SubscriptionIdInvalid, value=0x80280000, quality=bad}
DefaultClientCertificateValidator 01Nov2021 10:05:04 check suppressed: certificate failed hostname check: C=US,ST=CA,L=Folsom,OU=,O=Inductive Automation,CN=Ignition OPC UA Server
SessionFsm 01Nov2021 10:05:03 [2] Keep Alive failureCount=2 exceeds failuresAllowed=1
HistoryManager 01Nov2021 10:04:36 The tag historian module is not licensed for storage. Data will not be stored to ‘Sample_SQLite_Database’
ProjectRunner 01Nov2021 10:04:35 Setting SQL Bridge project enabled state to ‘DISABLED’
ClockDriftDetector 01Nov2021 10:04:35 Clock drift, degraded performance, or pause-the-world detected. Max allowed deviation=1000ms, actual deviation=5028230ms
Updates 01Nov2021 10:04:35 Slow query INSERT INTO sqlt_data_1_2021_11(tagid, intvalue, floatvalue, stringvalue, datevalue, dataintegrity, t_stamp) VALUES(?,?,?,?,?,?,?) [Batch x9] took 1 hours, 23 minutes, 49 seconds
UascClientMessageHandler 01Nov2021 10:04:33 No pending request with requestId=3220 for ServiceFault
UascClientMessageHandler 01Nov2021 10:04:33 No pending request with requestId=3218 for ServiceFault
DatabaseJournal 01Nov2021 08:19:40 Error pruning alarm journal data.
Wrapper 01Nov2021 08:19:34 [profileName=default] Error fetching roles.
SingleConnectionDatasource 01Nov2021 08:19:34 The following stack successfully received a connection. A new attempt was blocked for over 30000 ms

:grimacing: What is even that haha, try to share just designer launcher logs please.

INFO [DesignerLauncher ] [2021/11/01 08:38:14]: Set initial logging level to INFO
INFO [DesignerLauncher ] [2021/11/01 08:38:14]: Updating logging level to INFO
INFO [GatewayConnect ] [2021/11/01 08:38:27]: Attempting to connect to gateway http://localhost:8088
INFO [GatewayCommUtil ] [2021/11/01 08:38:28]: Downloading “http://localhost:8088/system/launchbin/launchclient.jar” (timeout=30)…
INFO [GatewayCommUtil ] [2021/11/01 08:38:28]: Starting download of 4691862 bytes
INFO [LaunchUtil ] [2021/11/01 08:38:28]: Starting Java with the following parameters: C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Designer Launcher\jre\bin\java.exe -classpath C:\Users\elsay.ignition\cache\resources\platform\launchclient.jar\00000000D3444BFA\launchclient.jar -Xms64M -Xmx1024M -Dsun.java2d.d3d=false -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=false

Try deleting your cache.