Designer Launcher for MacOS is not trusted app

system report designer launcher contains malicious software, ask me to update. But it is most updated.

The fix is quite simple, as long as you know you got this file from a gateway you trust, just right click (or command click) the icon in your applications folder, and click open. It will give another warning but this time it will have the option to continue running it.

I can’t speak for Inductive Automation, but I just know in general Apple has made it very difficult for developers to make apps “trusted” and not have this warning. Many developers that are making software that isn’t targeted at general consumers choose to go this route and have the warning show up. Even lots of software that IS targeted at general consumers will give this warning.

I wonder if IA can claim an Ignition client to be trusted anyway. We, as Ignition integrators, have full access to the underlying OS. So I believe every single integrator would have to apply separately…

Adding some rigorous sandboxing (like browsers do), would probably make it possible for IA to register Ignition as a trusted app. But it would seriously limit the capabilities of Ignition.

Hrm yeah I dont know what the requirements are, but if part of what allows your app to be trusted by Apple has to do with restrictions on what the app can do to the system, we probably don’t want that .

Although to be clear we are talking about the designer app, not a client being trusted. The designer is going to be the same for everyone, and would always come from Inductive.

Well, no, it can still run code like a client, and will run code supplied by any add-on module installed in the gateway.

Right, but the designer launcher itself that you click on I imagine would be identical at start.