Designer Launcher Network Name Resolution Issue

I have several servers set up in a development pipeline, and have accordingly had our network team give them DNS names. So each gateway has a server name with the pattern <3 char site code>V<4 digit sequence>, and then a DNS record with the pattern IGN_<3 char site code>_.

As an example:
My dev server at site WHQ could be WHQV1234 with DNS name IGN_WHQ_DEV.

The DesignerLauncher successfully recognizes http://IGN_WHQ_DEV:8088 as a valid gateway and lets me add it; however, when I try to launch the Designer, it does not work (I get an error saying “Error launching application: UnknownHostException: null”). If I use the server name (so http://WHQV1234:8088) the Designer will successfully launch. Note that I can ping both server and DNS name, I can access Perspective sessions using both server and DNS name… it seems to be just the DesignerLauncher thus far that has issues.

Any ideas on why this is failing?

I’m getting a related issue, so I figured I’d add it here (and to bump this topic since it’s unanswered) – I have Ignition running on a local VM, and I can connect to the web gateway using the server name, and it lets me add the application to the designer using the server name, but I get the same error when trying to launch the Designer (UnknownHostException: null). The only way I can launch the Designer is by using the IP address.

You happen to have an underscore in your server name as well?

Ah that’s it! Shoulda figured, ran into that same issue with iFix awhile ago – changing the underscores to dashes fixed it, thanks!

I think both of you are running into the same issue, which is that ultimately an underscore is not a legal character to appear in the hostname component of a URI/URL.

My guess is that when adding a gateway there must be a regex or some other superficial API that doesn’t do validation, but when it comes time to actually connect the validation occurs. Java is pretty strict about URI/URL following the spec.

To avoid heartache don’t assign hostnames with underscores if they’re ever going to appear in a URL.