Designer lockup when deleting symbol fac. comp from template

whenever I place a symbol factory component on a new template and then try to delete the symbol factory component, the designer completely locks up.

ignition version 7.7.5
java version 8 update 45
windows server 2012 r2 64 bit

*** It looks like it only does this if the symbol factory window is open when you try to do the delete.
so an example is if I place a component on the template, but decide I want a different component. I leave the symbol factory window up and try to delete the component I placed on the window, bam, designer locks up.

I have the same Issue with Ignition 7.9.9. When this happens, i can’t close Symbol Factory windows nor Ignition Designer window. I have to Ctrl-Alt-Delete and terminate the Java process… and I lose everything unsaved.

This is actually just misleading behavior from the symbol factory dialog. If you have the symbol factory dialog visible, it will ‘overlap’ the dialog that asks you to confirm component deletion. If you are in this state, pressing the escape key should close the ‘are you sure you want to delete this component’ dialog and allow you to continue working.

We also fixed this behavior in 8.0