Designer Named query window resizing

Is there a way to resize the window in order to view the parameters correctly? at the moment they are squashed as a half line and hovering with the mouse I see no mouse handles to extend the area.

What Ignition version is this? If I recall correctly, this is something we fixed at some point.

It happens on a gateway with 8.1.1 version, I checked on a newer 8.1.9 gateway and the problem has been fixed.
I still don’t understand why the designer (which is the newest shipped with the 8.1.9 gateway) behaves differently when connecting to a newer or older gateway.

There’s two things at play there.
The ‘Designer Launcher’ that you install on your computer is versioned independently of the Ignition gateway, and backwards compatible for all 8.X releases.
As the name implies, however, this is just a launcher. The actual designer you use is always a unique program attached to the particular gateway version (plus modules). The launcher is just a convenient way to access multiple gateways; it doesn’t have any of the actual ‘knowledge’ of how to edit resources that the actual designer does.