Designer Not Launching

I’m getting the error code:

Error launching application:
ConnectException: Connection refused: connect

This started happening after my windows update and my java update. I’ve referred to the java tutorial to change the .conf file to make it work with the new update, but this error persists. I can’t even open up the localhost:8088 in my web browser. Any ideas?

This kind of thing is easiest to solve if you call in to support. :slight_smile:

What version of Ignition are you running?
What version of Java did you upgrade to?
Is your gateway set up to require SSL?
Can you connect to the gateway via the web page?

I just called in and left a message. Hopefully I’ll be able to sort this out soon! But to answer your questions:

7.7.5 (I’m pretty sure)
The newest version, 8.51
I’m not sure what you mean by the third questions
And no :frowning:

So it sounds like the problem isn’t your designer, it’s actually the gateway. When support calls you back, they’ll need your wrapper log to diagnose the problem. They’ll let you know how to find it if you don’t already know.

Well. The problem is solved. I had been using / in the directory path, not \ like i should have been. Silly mistake. Won’t happen again :laughing: