Designer not opening from Ignition Home Page

I am having a problem with getting the Designer to Launch from the Ignition Gateway Home Page.

All was working fine… and then Java Updated. Now the Link does not work.

I tried clearing the JAVA Cache from the Java Control Panel and that did not work.

Since I was needing to update to Ignition 7.0.8 anyway… I uninstalled Ignition and Installed the new verison. That didn’t help either.

I went back to Java control panel and looked at the deleted apps, and saw the Designer Icon… so I restored it. Designer will launch if I use that icon… but it will not Launch from inside the gateway.

What version of IE are you running?

I am also having the same problem.

I updated my Java today and nothing will fire up now. Was working fine before Java update.

I tried in both Firefox and IE7.

Am looking further now.

Temp fix…

Uninstall Java update 20 from PC. This lets it run again.

Yes I can verify that Java 6 update 20 has broken part of web-launching that we used. There was a security vulnerability that they’ve patched, and in doing so, web-launching works slightly differently. The beta build of 7.0.9 has a fix for this. We should be releasing the non-beta 7.0.9 later this week. In the meantime don’t upgrade to Java 6 update 20.

Ok… so what is the best way to uninstall Update 20??

Uninstall it from Add/Remove Programs in Windows. You might need to re-install update 19 or earlier afterwards.

Ok… I have removed Java Update 20 and Reinstalled Jave 6.0 Update 19.

Still the Designer will not run. All that happens is I will see a " # " added to the URL… but nothing launches.

Do I need to go back further on the Java Update?

I guess I can wait for 7.0.9 if needed.

Ok… I guess I should have looked… 7.0.9 was already posted.

So… now I have loaded 7.0.9… Have Java 6.0 Update 20 installed… and I get an Error from Java when the Application tried to Launch Designer. I have Cleared the Cache both in IE6 and JAVA and get the same Error. I have also went back into Java and Reinstalled the Deleted Application for the Designer. When I do this… there is a Shortcut that is created on the Desktop. I can click on the short cut and it WILL launch the Designer… but trying to Lanuch from the Gateway Home page… always give me a JAVA error.

I am attaching screen shots of the errors and the Java console.


Designer_Java_Error.doc (207 KB)

Discussed here. I ended up updating to IE8 and no more problems… at least not yet.

[quote=“JordanCClark”]What version of IE are you running?[/quote]

Yeah, IE6 seems to have issues these days with web-launching – you’re not the first one we’ve had report this error. We’ve yet to be able to reproduce it here though, which is frustrating.

You can try switching the new “Launch Link Script Policy” setting under Gateway Settings from “JavaScript” to “Direct” and see if that makes any difference. I guarantee upgrading from the (obsolete!) IE6 will solve the problem.

There must be some magic combination of IE6 + (some other setting) that causes this error, but we haven’t found it yet…

Mine was on a vanilla 2003 install. Still had that new PC smell-- and rich Corinthian leather.

Server 2003 huh…ok thats a good lead. We’ve been trying on XP SP2 installs, where it seems to work fine.

Hit or miss on my Xp Sp3 installs as well.
IE6 is still the stupid corporate standard though… Grr.

Well… I am running IE6 and using Windows XP on the box I am having the problems.
The funny thing is… Ignition was loaded and all was fine until JAVA update 20. I still think it could be a pointer somewhere looking for the wrong file. I know I am not as versed in all the technical stuff as most, but here is something I noticed. When I get the JAVA error…(trying to from inside the Ignition Gateway Homepage) . it seams to be looking for “Designer[1].jnlp”… but when Lanch it from the desktop link… The Java console show it launching “Designer.jnlp” . So where is the “[1]” coming from??

Anyway… I will install IE8 next week on the box I am having problems with and see if all is well.

Also… note. I have Ignition running on this laptop… using Windows XP, Service Pack 3, running IE6 , Java 6.0 update 18, and everything is fine today.

Thanks guys for your support. Carl , Colby , Travis and all other users of this forum have been VERY helpful. Great Customer Support.


The funny naming on the .jnlp is IE6 putting the jnlp file in its cache. Here is what is supposed to happen:

  1. You click on a launch link, which leads to a *.jnlp file.
  2. Browser downloads *.jnlp file, puts it in its file cache
  3. Browser looks up the file association for “jnlp”, finds javaws.exe (The Java Web-Start executable)
  4. Browser calls javaws.exe, using the path to the *.jnlp file in its cache as an argument
  5. Java web-start launches, reading the jnlp file that browser pointed it towards.

What seems to be happening is that IE6 is not actually writing the *.jnlp file to its cache, or it is being deleted from the cache before javaws.exe can read it.

Just to let everyone know… I installed IE8 and the problem was corrected.



Finally got to the bottom of this one. Turns out the answer was even in the Java web-start FAQ. This will be fixed in the next release.

That’s great news, Carl. I still have a good number of machines running Win2k and IE6. While I’d rather that IT upgraded the boxes, I have a feeling that it won’t happen as long as they limp along… :unamused:

I am having the same problem running clients on machines other than my development laptop. The development machine is WinXP SP3 with IE8. Java version 6.17

I have problems on :

Win2k SP4 with IE6
Mac OSX 10.4 with FireFox v3.0.19
MacOSX 10.4 with Safari v3.0.4

Any ideas?