Designer Password Entering

Just ran into a weird quirk when entering a password into the Designer Launcher.

If you have a password that has letters followed by a number followed by an underscore, if you hit CTRL+Backspace it only deletes back to the underscore. If have a letter before the underscore (or no underscore) it deletes the entire entry.

Everything still works, it just potentially reveals a bit more password information than needed.

For example, using the password ‘abc1_qwerty’.


Using Designer Launcher 1.1.15:

I think this is actually expected behavior. Generally CTRL + Backspace is delete left word, you get the same thing if you have a space in your password.


And generally speaking if you can leverage cntrl to move per word. Type a sentence into notepad, hold down control, and then press left or right arrow keys and you will see it skips by word but will stop when it hits certain characters, like underscores.

I agree with all that, and use it all the time. My comment was in regards to should that be also in a password entry field?

I’m with you, in that I find this behavior a little surprising, but it seems to be how JPasswordField behaves all on its own… and the only way this actually discloses information in some manner is if you e.g. typed your password in and then just left it there for someone…

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