Designer Performance in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

I am running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on a Dell Precision M6300 with 4GB of memory. Ubuntu is very fast and normally applications run very well. I have been using Ubuntu for over a year now and can’t imagine going back to Windows. However, I am running Ignition Vision Designer and it is very slow. I notice the slow performance editing in a window:

  1. Selecting controls on a window. I click on a control and it takes almost 1 to 2 seconds to highlight the control.
  2. Moving controls around on a window
  3. Startup - When I launch the Designer it comes up quickly with the project selection, but once I select the project nothing happens for a long time. After probably 10-15 seconds the Designer appears.
  4. Copy and Paste
  5. Editing SQLtags

Otherwise, all other operations like saving down to the Gateway, making backups, preview mode, etc seem to have the normal performance that I am used to with Windows7.

Is there something that I can adjust in Ubuntu or Java to improve the workability of the Vision Designer? I don’t want to go to Windows7 :cry: , but the Vision Designer is much more responsive in Windows7.

I have Java 1.6.18 installed.
I am using Ignition 1.7.6, Vision Module 4.1.6
JVM Memory (used/max MB): 79.9 / 493.1

This could merely be a configuration issue in my OS so I don’t expect silver bullet to solve the issue. If you have used Designer on Ubuntu and have any advice I would appreciate it.


This post describes poor Java performance in Ubuntu 10.04 - compatibility between OpenJDK and Sun Java 6. … ostcount=5

It may be a video driver issue. What kind of card do you have? Do you run any graphics intensive applications on that machine? I’m not familiar with this in Ubuntu, but this tutorial goes over a common ATI/Nvidia driver install. … or-ubuntu/

Holy cow!!! I followed the instructions for getting rid of the OpenJDK and installed the true Sun Java and it is a night and day difference. Very snappy and fast. Thanks Nathan!