Designer: Project Browser collapses all nodes on project save/saveAll/update

Hi guys,
I’m wondering about the fact that the Project Browser (jtree) is always collapsing all its nodes (Vision, Perspective, Named Queries, all of them!) when you save or update your project, either via the menu or the keyboard shortcuts.

There’s only a few people that posted about it, and it seems to be that way since 2014.
Is everyone experiencing and coping with it somehow, or is it, as Kathy mentioned here, something that only a few live with for whatever reason?

This does not happen for me, in Perspective, Vision, named queries, etc. I’m on ~8.1.13, but I’ve never noticed this issue.

Interesting. Are you on Windows 10?

Yep. I’ve seen a bug ticket specifically for deleting certain nodes (i.e. reporting, scripts) causing a full tree refresh, but a simple save definitely shouldn’t.

You know, I’m beginning to think it’s related to the modules my project has.
Specifially, the Sepasoft modules. I’ll try copying my project and importing it in a new gateway without Sepasoft.

Thank you for the tip.

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And so it was the Sepasoft modules after all, most likely its integration with the Project Browser to configure “MES Scripts”.