Designer Screen Blinking

While I’m in the designer when I drag a component across the screen the entire screen blinks like it’s refreshing really slow. This also happens when i click on a component. Don’t think it’s my computer because this doesn’t happen with any other software. This will happen when the communication mode is read, write or off. doesn’t matter if I’m running a client or not. Now it doesn’t happen when I’m navigating the client only the designer.

What version of Java do you have? You may want to upgrade to Java 6 Update 27.

I have Java 6 Update 29

We see this every once in a while on certain computers. Seems to have something to do with Java not liking your video card driver or vise versa.

Try playing with the DirectDraw and Direct3D settings under the Gateway’s Configuration > Gateway Settings page. Start by checking the “Disable DirectDraw” setting. You’ll want to clear your java cache (Java Control Panel > “Settings…” > “Delete Files…”) and then try launching again.

You can also try upgrading your video card driver.