Designer Security

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but since it is such an old thread and I got no response I thought I better start a new thread.

Did anything ever happen with Nathan’s suggestion that Ignition have a developer/designer permission structure? I have vendors that need access to their project on my Gateway and I am adverse to giving them access to the other projects.

[quote=“nathan”]Does it make sense to implement a tag level design security structure as opposed to a larger developer/designer permission structure? I’m referring to design control permissions for: projects, windows, transaction groups and other such objects in addition to tags. To me it doesn’t make sense to just do tags, unless that is somehow more significant than the others and/or much more natural to implement.

Nothing has happened yet and it’s not on the timeline for 7.8. It may be worth adding to our feature requests section if it’s not there already.

Ignition isn’t currently designed to be a hosted solution, which is evident in a number of areas. I imagine one day we’ll get to work on improving this use case, and in doing so will end up re-evaluating how security and permissions work.

Is there any news regaring this?

More security has been added to Ignition. Check out these links:

But none of these settings makes the designer display i.e. only tags for a given project? These are settings for setting restrictions to who may edit tags etc?

Tags don’t belong to any one project, so no.

I think at best you could partition tags by provider and then restrict editing in each provider, but nothing will let you hide those tags altogether.

Any future updates that might include such functionallity? Would be nice to have the possibility to lock a project to a given tag provider, and then limit the designer browsing accordingly.