Designer slows down and crashes when editing a report in 7.8

I know this has been listed on another thread but I’m having the same issue & I don’t know how to add to the other thread.

When designing a report and making notable changes to the layout (back & forth from design to preview), my PC eventually slows to a crawl and will eventually seem to lock up. The only solution once this happens is to restart the designer (if I still can).

Ignition v7.8.1 with reporting module 7.8.2 beta
Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter
8 GB Memory

Designer PC:
Windows 8.1
16GB Memory
4 cores
Java v8 build 66 (64bit)

Is this expected behavior? Is there anything that I can do to minimize this behavior?

Your designer machine has 16gb of memory, but how much does the designer itself have? (Check the lower right hand corner of the designer window) Reports tend to chew up a lot of memory, especially if you have a large report and are clicking back and forth between the design and preview tabs. The slow down you notice is probably Java desperately trying to do garbage collection without enough memory left to do it efficiently.

I see. The designer shows 910MB. The designer memory setting in the gateway is set to 2GB. Is there something else that I need to do in order for my designer to utilize the full 2GB? Are these two different things?